Harvest Festival 2021

Sunday, 26th September – a HARVEST CELEBRATION with Holy Communion led by Rev’d Michael Bigg.

Please note that the cash collection taken will be given to the Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign.  Money placed in yellow Gift Aid envelopes will be given to our own church funds, as usual. 

Gifts of flowers, berries and fresh produce from your garden, which can be used to decorate the church, are welcome – please leave in the church by lunchtime on Thursday 23rd September. 

Please also bring gifts of non-perishable goods on the 26th which will be given to the Cambridge City Food Bank.  This is a list of their current, particular needs:  Bag for life (or similar strong carrier bags) – desperately needed! Custard. Laundry liquids. Cleaning products. Sanitary pads (not tampons please). Nappies sizes 2,3,4,5 and 6. Olive oil 500ml. Rice pudding. Soap/hand soap. Juices (long life) and cordials. Tinned Tomatoes. Puddings – angel delight, jelly, sponge puddings. Ketchup and stock cubes. Instant Coffee. Noodles. Toilet rolls.