Getting Married at the Church of St Mary Magdalene

Rachael and George - Married in May 2022
Rachael and George –
Married here in May 2022

Our church is in such a beautiful setting and in the grounds of Madingley Hall where many couples choose to have their reception, that we are often approached about having the marriage service here. There are regulations which we have to abide by, in common with any other church in the Church of England, but we all try very hard to make it possible for your wedding to take place in church.

The church has capacity for around 100-120 guests and we have all the standard facilities (see the West End Development Project). We also have the ability to live-stream your wedding online for your friends and relatives who can’t be there in person.

There’s lots of good information about getting married in the Church of England at Your Church Wedding.

It is worth checking whether you or your fiancé(e) has any of the following “qualifying connections” before contacting us about a possible wedding ceremony.

You qualify if either of you:

  • lives in the parish; OR
  • is on the church electoral roll; OR
  • has at any time lived in the parish for a period of 6 months; OR
  • has normally gone to services in this church for 6 months; OR
  • was baptised in this church; OR
  • was prepared for confirmation at this church; OR
  • If one of the parents, at any time after you were born: has lived in the parish for a period of 6 months; OR has at any time regularly gone to church services here for a period of at least 6 months (note – you can create a Qualifying Connection for yourself this way if you don’t otherwise have one); OR
  • If one of the parents or grandparents was married in the parish.

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Michael and Libby - Sept 2022
Michael and Libby – Married in September 2022