2021 Fabric Restoration Project complete

Specialist restoration companies having been continuing to care for our ancient Parish Church over the Summer and Autumn.  Hibbitt Masonry have made repairs to the north wall of the North Aisle and the buttresses at the SW end of the nave.  They have replaced broken coping stones on the North Aisle parapet and repaired downpipes and gutters around the building. 

South-west buttress restored by Hibbitt Masonry.

Their work to the drain on the south side of the church revealed that the land-drains serving the church to the south-west and north sides of the church have disintegrated.  These will be renewed under a separate contract during the Winter months. 

Roy Cafferty, specialist plasterer, has been working on the surrounds to the beautiful north-east window and the entrance to the north porch.  These were constructed from ‘Roman Cement’ – a material that is neither Roman nor cement but a mortar developed in the 18th century.  We are extremely fortunate that Roy has both the knowledge and skill to apply the same technique in expertly repairing these parts of the building.

North west window plaster detail repaired by Roy Cafferty

Both these projects have been overseen by our church architect, Ashley Courtney. See https://ashleycourtney.co.uk/projects/.