“My Ways are not Your Ways.”

18th August 2017

Rather than a series of books showing us the rules for living good lives, the Bible reveals God’s remarkable, and to us illogical, choices when selecting those who will become leaders and highly influential people in the history of mankind.

From Slavery to Sanctification

18th August 2017

If we find it hard to be accepted by God just as we are — justified — the next challenge is to recognise that we are called to be made holy — sanctified — through growth in love.

Justification By Faith

18th August 2017

We are so used to earning the experience of being valued by others, that we apply that approach to our relationship with God. But is that what God asks of us?

The Difference One Question Makes

5th February 2017

One apparently innocuous question can turn the world upside down. The first disciples of Jesus could have had no idea of what they were getting into when he asked a simple question, “What are you looking for?”

Christmas Day 2016

8th January 2017

The Good News that Christmas brings is that the sort of pressures we place on ourselves to create a perfect celebration are totally unnecessary. Christmas brings freedom, and peace.

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