The Wedding at Cana

22nd January 2018 Christine Barrow 0

The wedding at Cana, the first of the”Signs” in John’s Gospel, not only begins the process of revealing Jesus’ true identity, but through the portrayal of Mary’s relationship with her Son, guides us in our prayer life and walk with God.

The Holy Family

7th January 2018 Christine Barrow 0

The Holy Family in their own human-ness can be a source of encouragement for us, particularly if we pay attention to Joseph and the hints we see of his own faithfulness in the midst of challenging situations.

Midnight Mass 2017

7th January 2018 Christine Barrow 0

After a year in which the news produced escalating revelations of the appalling behaviour of some, and the perplexing choices made by others, what does the birth of a baby 2,000 years ago have to say to all this?