West End Development Project Update Summer 2018


  1. The church architect and project committee have been looking carefully at the scheme to identify areas where costs could be reduced or items omitted without impacting on the aims of the project.  This has resulted in a revised drainage scheme and simplified design for the lavatory ‘pod’ in the tower.  The Diocese of Ely has been consulted and the District Council has given Planning Permission.  The PCC will take the revised scheme out to tender to specialist companies during September.
  2. We were very pleased to receive a grant of £15,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation last week.  Donations from supporters of the scheme continue to arrive and a series of applications to grant giving bodies is ongoing.  We have now raised a total of £272,666 with a further £16,031 to come in pledges.
  3. Archaeology: it is impossible to know how much archaeology lies below the green lawn outside the church.  You will see an exploratory test pit being dug by the Cambridge Archaeology Group during the Autumn which will carefully explore what might be below ground prior to us starting work on site.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who has, so generously, supported this project.