West End Development Appeal reaches first milestone!

Christine made the following, very encouraging, announcement to the congregation in January:

As at this time of year it is the habit of news programmes to look back at the past months and forward to the future, so we here in Madingley can reflect on the fact that in the past three months we have launched our fund raising campaign for the WED project. It is all being done in a controlled and professional manner, thanks to Jane working out the milestones along the way which will help us to see whether we are likely to achieve the final desired amount.  

And the good news on that, the source of hope, is that in the first quarter we have raised more than £100,000 comprising donations and pledges of support, more than the amount set for the first quarter,  quite a remarkable achievement.  Almost a third of the £350,000 we are hoping to raise.. 

This means that we have almost enough money to lay on the water supply and drainage; the least attractive and inspiring, but most essential part of the whole project. Next comes the more satisfying and encouraging part; raising the money for the work above ground in the church, where it may feel as if the results of our efforts are more obvious and attractive.”

Our grateful thanks to everyone who has so kindly and generously given their support to the Appeal.