Saturday 29 May at 9.30am: Annual Maintenance Morning in the Churchyard and reminder of Churchyard Regulations

Volunteers will be carrying out maintenance work in the churchyard on the morning of Saturday 29th May from 9.30am. Families with loved ones buried here are most welcome to join the congregation in carrying out various tasks that morning.

The PCC would like to take this opportunity to remind families of the following Churchyard Regulations:

  • Trees and shrubs may be planted on or around a grave only with Faculty permission.
  • No artificial flowers may be placed in the churchyard except for Remembrance Day poppies and traditional Christmas wreaths, and these shall be removed within two months.
  • Wreaths and cut flowers must be removed as soon as they appear to be withered. Vases which are no longer in use must be removed.
  • No lighting, whether solar or otherwise, is permitted on or around the grave.
  • With the permission of the Vicar, up to 3 toys or similar objects may be left at the place of burial or interment of cremated remains for a period of 12 months from the date of burial or interment but must be removed at the end of that period.
  • The PCC has authority to remove any artificial flowers, or other memorabilia which do not comply with these Regulations and which have not been authorised by Faculty.

Any items that do not comply with these regulations will be removed from graves on the 29th May and will be left in the South Porch for collection.  After a period of two months, these items will be disposed of.