Launch of the West End Development Appeal on 18th September

A church has stood on this site for more than 900 years during which time it has fulfilled a pivotal role in the spiritual, architectural and cultural life of Madingley. It is now time for the church to improve its interior space to enable this much loved historic building to continue to serve and improve its hospitality to the local community and to visitors from far and wide as well as securing its usability for future generations and fit for the 21st century.

The West End Development will provide:

  •  A servery and sink so that refreshments can be served after services, at concerts and social occasions.
  • An accessible toilet, separate from the rest of the church; a balcony, access to the bell chamber and a display unit for our historic cherubim.
  • Improved internal planning to enable social events, concerts, exhibitions and outreach sessions to take place.
  • A new vestry to facilitate and improve the efficiency of our services.
  • Improved equality of access for everyone

The Appeal to raise funds for the Project will be launched after our usual Sunday service on 18th September.