Cambridgeshire Historic Churches Trust Grant

The PCC is delighted to acknowledge a grant of £1,000 from the Trust to help pay for a security alarm system to be installed shortly. 

The Trust was founded in 1983 and offers interest-free loans and grants for works of repair and improvements to places of worship across Cambridgeshire. The Trust’s charitable objectives also include encouraging everyone to enjoy and to understand the art and architecture of the county’s marvellous churches and chapels.  

The Trust’s biggest fund raiser is the national Ride and Stride Day, when participants can use cars as well as bicycles, horses, buses or their own two feet to visit as many churches and chapels as they can on the second Saturday in September. By getting sponsorship for each church visited, money is raised for the Trust and whatever church or chapel is nominated to receive half the total raised. 

The Madingley congregation has a long tradition of supporting this event annually, started by former church warden Dick Seale in 1991.  Dick continued to support the event until 2007 when, at the age of 83, he cycled 24 miles visiting 13 churches and chapels.  Teams from the congregation continue to follow Dick’s example and will be taking part again this year.  Please contact Sue Pemberton (01954 780817  or for further information or to make a donation.