Annual Parochial Church Meeting Sunday 23rd May

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held in church directly after the service on the morning of Sunday 23rd May.


Annual Meeting of Parishioners

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes of the meeting of Sunday 23rd August 2020.
  3. Proposal: The following section of the CHURCHWARDENS MEASURE 2001 shall not apply in relation to this parish: “ a person shall be disqualified from being chosen for the office of churchwarden when that person has served as a churchwarden of the same parish for six successive periods of office until the annual meeting of the parishioners to elect churchwardens in the next year but one following the date on which that person vacated office at the end of the last such period.”
  4. Election of Churchwardens.
  5. Any other business

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

to be held following the Meeting of Parishioners.

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the meeting of Sunday 23rd August 2020.
  3. Matters arising
  4. Annual reports to the Parochial Church Council and Financial reports and accounts [Note these will have been circulated and considered by email previously].
  5. Appointment of auditor.
  6. Election of 4 members to the Parochial Church Council. 
  7. Any other business